top 10 dynamic standing yoga poses with modifications

top 10 dynamic standing poses with modifications

It can sometimes be challenging to choose what works best for your body. The standing yoga poses I have listed in this article can work to produce powerful asanas – enhancing stability, flexibility, all you yoga dynamic standing postures through strength. Not only that, but the series of standing asanas below are all connected to … Read more

maricyasana-a | spinal twist in sitting

maricyasana-a | spinal twist in sitting

a stress-reducing, spine elongating pose Saint Maricyasana is a wonderful pose for reducing stress and strain on the back by stretching the lumbar spine and hamstring muscles. The pose also gently stimulates the abdominal organs and improves digestive functions.  Meaning Saint Marichya Pose (Spinal Twist in Sitting) Type of practice Endurance Asana Reference Yoga Mala by … Read more

child’s pose – balasana

child's pose - balasana

how-to and benefits of child’s pose A quick step-by-step guide for moving through the restorative Child’s Pose in your yoga practice. Bow down on the floor. Connect your big toes together and sit on your heels, then place your knees about as wide as your hips, or slightly wider if there is any discomfort. Breathe … Read more

bakasana is not the crow!

women in a yoga pose on a mat in studio kakasana bakasana meaning

A little while ago I found out that I was regularly mistranslating a yoga pose in my classes. You know what crow pose is, don’t you? Everyone knows what crow is. If you did a search for “‘crow pose yoga,’ you would find Bakasana – the arm balance where your knees rest on your upper arms. … Read more

5 benefits of regular headstand practice

5 benefits of regular headstand practice

how inversions help balance the physical and subtle bodies  Known as the king of Asanas (yoga postures), the headstand may at first seem intimidating to the new practitioner. However, the benefits of this posture to on e’s mind, body, and spirit are plenty. In an environment where we are either sitting down or standing for most of … Read more

camatkarasana | wild thing pose

camatkarasana | wild thing pose

Wild Thing asana revisited This magical and invigorating pose –Sanskrit name; Camatkarasana– is a whole lot of things in one. One particular translation of camatkarasana poetically describes it as, “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart.” This all-encompasing posture: opens the chest and the heart builds strength stretches the hips and hip flexors energises the … Read more

cobra pose | bhujangasana

cobra pose | bhujangasana

How Bhujangasana | Cobra pose Lying on the floor, face down, place your hands under your shoulders. Feet together or hips distance, toes spread towards the back of the room, connect with the floor by spreading your fingers and pressing the whole hand into the floor. Grip the floor to pull yourself forward, lengthening the … Read more

pincha mayurasana | peacock pose

pincha mayurasana peacock pose

Pincha Mayurasana or peacock pose is a challenging pose that requires strength, balance, awareness, and patience. It is an inversion that does not put any pressure on the head while still providing all the benefits of being upside down. Life does not always provide us a right-side-up perspective, so doing an inversion is an excellent … Read more

flying pigeon pose

women in a yoga asana flying pigeon pose

Why Eka Pada Galavasana – flying pigeon pose Named for the sage Galva, Eka Pada Galavasana, or flying pigeon pose, is a big asana, combining hip opening with an arm balance. The elements of balance, strength, and openness are essential. According to one story, Galava was the son of Vishvamitra, Guru of Rama. ‘Gala’ also means … Read more