where to buy a yoga mat in bali

where to buy yoga mats in bali

Wondering where to buy your yoga mat in Bali? Yoga Mat Bali | Our editors have curated the best places where to buy the perfect mat in Bali for you to reconnect with the earth. Bali, known for its yoga and meditation retreats, is one of the most sought-after destinations, drawing yogis, yoginis, and soul seekers into its … Read more

eco friendly yoga mat: how to choose

Woman practicing yoga on eco-friendly yoga mat non toxic pvc free sustainable

What is an eco-friendly yoga mat? What does it even mean to be eco, green, or sustainable? The number of consumer searches for yoga mats that are sustainable, non toxic, and eco-friendly increases yearly. Still though, unfortunately, it’s common for less-scrupulous brands to announce that they are ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly,’ with nothing to back up … Read more

YOGALINE Alignment Yoga Mat

YOGALINE Alignment Yoga Mat blonde woman practicing yoga outdoor on pink eco friendly rubber natural mat

Confidence with the Yogaline Personalized Alignment Yoga Mat. YOGALINE | Practicing yoga with confidence is easy when you can find ideal postures for your body. Yogaline Mats make things easier with lines engraved on their mats to help you find alignment in different yoga postures. These alignment guides show you exactly where to place your … Read more

inspirational yoga mats

inspirational yoga mats yoga mat design

The yoga mat is an essential part of our yoga practice and with new technologies, mat materials are ever-improving, allowing for the ultimate performance. Yoga mats are now made to match your yoga lifestyle in both design and conscious materials, with endless beautiful designs to choose from. You can pick from an endless variety of … Read more