kangen water: alkaline water to feel brighter and live better

kangen water machine benefits alkaline good for you

What is Kangen water? Kangen water is the water produced by top-quality alkaline water machines made by Enagic International. Kangen water machines take regular water from your tap and give you safe, healthy, hydrogen-rich water. And the benefits of alkaline water don’t stop there. There are endless perks that make a Kangen water machine the … Read more

elemental meditation : the 5 elements

woman meditating in front of ocean 5 elemental meditation elements air water space earth fire vipassana buthas technique script

a journey through earth, water, fire, air, and space There are countless types of meditation in the world today. Some are complex, involved, and intricate, taking many years to master. Others are more simple in nature, requiring you to focus your attention on your 5 senses– something we can all do at any time. What … Read more

looking at indoor air quality

looking at indoor air quality

simply green – renewable energy Going green has become a hot topic in pop culture and the media of late, with a number of high profile architects and celebrities showcasing the latest and greatest in high-end, sustainable homes and lifestyles. While most of us would love to live in the green palaces we see on … Read more