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family outside store Spiritual Movies, Documentaries on Spirituality to watch netflix

Spiritual Movies, Documentaries on Spirituality? | If ever there was a time to go within, get inspired, manifest joy, abundance in our lives, that time is now. Give yourself a respite from the external world’s distractions and uncertainties, and watch these inspirational movies certain to lift your spirit and transform your life. 22 inspiring movies … Read more

The Celestine Prophecy Movie

The Celestine Prophecy Movie review

The Celestine Prophecy | Cities, like humans, have heartbeats if you listen closely. You can feel the pulse of Los Angeles in Hollywood. I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of the much anticipated movie The Celestine Prophecy way back in 2006. On a weeknight, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard was filled with … Read more

the game changers

the game changers

a movie review The Game Changers is a 1 h 52 minutes movie that captivates experiences told by world-class athletes to ground-breaking science studies, it was released in September 2018. It is a film that tracks the growth in professional sports in plant-based eating and contributes to modern and historical views of diet and strength. … Read more