online yoga teacher training requirements: a comprehensive guide

online yoga teacher training guide requirements

Many individuals have been interested in the world of yoga, and some have even gone on to become yoga teachers. The epidemic has also increased online yoga teacher training programs. But, selecting the best online yoga teacher training program may be difficult, and it’s important to understand the prerequisites before embarking on your path. In … Read more

malasana squat, garland pose

malasana squat garland pose

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Garland pose How Malasana Malasana Pose: Squat with your feet as close together as you can get them. If you can, keep your heels on the floor. Otherwise, support them with a rolled up blanket. Separate your thighs slightly wider than your torso. Exhaling, lean your torso forward and fit it snugly between your thighs. … Read more

morning yoga, the perfect way to start your day

morning yoga early practice du matin

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline that originated in ancient India. It involves practicing physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to improve flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Practicing morning yoga has many benefits, including setting a positive tone for the rest of the day and helping to energize and revitalize the body. Setting up … Read more

reclining pigeon pose, sitting pigeon: how, what and why

You may have heard of pigeon pose or hip-openers in general, but have you tried Reclining Pigeon? This variation is a hip-opener and a relaxing stretch combined. Reclined pigeon pose is your best bet when feeling tired, in need of a gentle hip-opener variation, or working with injuries in the knees, pelvis, or low back. … Read more

zafu meditation cushion – choosing the right one

zafu meditation cushion buy what are

Are you considering buying your first zafu meditation cushion but need some more information before making your decision? Then this article is for you! Keep reading to discover all you need to know about the zafu meditation cushion! Some Zafu Cushions to consider below Product Description $ Image Yoga Cushion Blue Ocean 35x18x13 cm, Kapok … Read more

top 10 dynamic standing yoga poses with modifications

top 10 dynamic standing poses with modifications

It can sometimes be challenging to choose what works best for your body. The standing yoga poses I have listed in this article can work to produce powerful asanas – enhancing stability, flexibility, all you yoga dynamic standing postures through strength. Not only that, but the series of standing asanas below are all connected to … Read more

gate pose, stretch your side body (parighasana)

woman practicing gate pose, side gate, yoga gate pose, parighasana, kneeling yoga poses side body stretch spinal wave

Yoga side gate pose is energized and lightened in Parighasana, in these kneeling yoga poses the breath is invited to become fully three-dimensional. We are culturally highly conscious and evolved in the front of our bodies. We welcome and explore the environment with our whole front of the body, including the face, pelvis, hands, and … Read more

surya namaskar – sun salutation

All you need to know about Surya Namaskar Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is a fundamental element in the yogi community and regular practice of the Sun Salutation sequence holds several benefits. Surya Namaskar is a prayer of appreciation to the sun that works your whole body. Furthermore, it is ideal for people who want to … Read more