the pyramid of needs according to the seven chakras

the pyramid of needs according to the seven chakras

Chakras pyramid needs spirituality wisdom The Chakras have been popularized as seven (or more, some say) energy centers within the human body. These energy centers, we learn, can be either “blocked”, due to emotional or physiological reasons, or “open”. To attain a proper energy flow, for health, liveliness and spiritual awakening, one should strive to … Read more

freedom from addiction

Freedom from Addiction

The Recovery Sutras : Yoga – Habit & Freedom from Addiction The path toward freedom from addiction can be challenging, but incorporating yoga’s healing power can provide a much-needed support system. In this article, we delve into the use of classic yoga models to overcome addiction and its effects. From exploring the root causes to … Read more

yogastar astrology

yoga star astrology

Astrology and yoga are two ancient traditions that enjoy mainstream popularity, but rarely are the two arts practiced in unison. Many of the rich, telling planetary cycles explored in astrology can be accessed and applied to strengthen your yoga practice. Using your sign as a yoga road map, you can develop a practice most suited … Read more

What is the OM Symbol 🕉️ Meaning and How to Chant it

wooden om symbol meaning of AUM om mani padme hum hindusymbol sign what is ohm the 30 mean does hindu buddhism 🕉️

Do you know what the Om (or Aum) symbol meaning is? The sacred syllable Om (or Aum), also represented with the Om symbol (ॐ), are together one of the oldest and most widely known bija (seed) mantras within the yoga and Hindu traditions. The wisdom and meaning of Om and its sound also has spiritual … Read more

sound as awakening

sound as awakening

discovering the magic of pratyahara Each day as part of our yoga and meditation practices, we celebrate our universality when we chant OM – the hymn of the universe. Resonating this timeless vibration through our body-mind reinforces our yoga – our oneness – with the universe. When we begin or end our daily practice by … Read more

namaste meaning – namaskar definition

woman praying namaste meaning what is the meaning of namaste does namaste mean the mean def definition namaskar symbol of how to pronounce means yoga spiritual define translate true dies saying translate how to end a class terminology

what does namaste mean? Namaste meaning | The literal translation of Namaste or Namaskar in Sanskrit is “to bow.” “I bow to you.” Yet the true meaning of this word, like most words in Sanskrit, runs much deeper than your average greeting. The practice of yoga reminds us that we are all interconnected. We are all unique, … Read more

yuj meaning – what is the meaning of yoga?

yuj meaning what is the meaning of yoga what does the word yoga mean true yogi definition invented mean yoga pose india inner science meaning of yoga

Yuj | The Inner Science of Yoga | Beyond Asanas “Yuj, Yoga” … such divine words! One of the most precious and spiritual discoveries in the history of mankind, yoga has a longstanding history. In ancient Sanskrit, Yoga originates from the word YUJ, which means “to join”. It is the union of the parts within … Read more

being a superior human

the superior human serperior human David deida

david deida, shares his perspectives on the superior human Celebrated author and speaker, David Deida is a best-selling author and an acknowledged spiritual leader who steps beyond the comfortable and polite and presents his message in a straightforward, sometimes controversial manner. His workshops lead right to the heart of a true spiritual life with a … Read more

does yoga burn calories? how many?

yoga group class by the beach Yoga instructor assisting studentsdoes yoga burn calories? how many calories does yoga burn yoga calories burned hot calculator

Those of you who are still suspicious if yoga counts as a workout. Most people wonder how many calories does yoga burn ; some assume that they can burn calories only with high-intensity workouts. But does yoga burn calories? Many people dismiss yoga as an “easy” activity and not exactly a workout. After all, stretching … Read more