gongs – instruments, guides, and healing aids

gong-gongs-gong instrument-gong sound

What is a gong? A Gong a percussion instrument, made of a round metal disc or bowl, struck to produce or contribute to percussion in music and other sound practices. Gongs are traditionally used for musical purposes, especially in countries like China, Indonesia, and Burma. However, gong sounds are so powerful that the instrument is … Read more

an interview with painter iryna lialko

ancestor of heavenly pilgrims Iryna Lialko made her first big splash in the United States a year ago, in Tennessee, where she played the role of a sand artist in a show about a girl at the Theatre, along with acrobats and horse riders. Combining Lialko’s unique creative energy, her radiant spirituality and physical beauty, … Read more

yantras – symbols of the cosmos

yantras - symbols of the cosmos

yantras-symbols-Sanskrit-instrument-machine-automata-machinery art Many people are vaguely familiar with Yantras and appreciate the beauty of the designs but are unaware of where the designs emanated from, the mythology behind them and exactly how they are to be utilized in meditation. While a complete explanation would require a large book, or even several books here is at least … Read more

ali akbar khan

ali akbar khan

the healing power of the sarode “The Spirit of the Sarode!” fundraising concert held by the Ali Akbar College of Music took place at the Marin Veteran’s Auditorium in San Rafael. Ustad Ali Akbar Khan (Khansahib), who had been considered by many to be the world’s greatest sarode player, took center stage, flanked by two … Read more

the sound the wind makes

Art Poetry The Sound The Wind Makes As the wind in the trees brushes leaves with movement,  Venus watches from her pearly heaven’s gate,  The fluid action of clouds and matter as they wisp  Through eternity and vanish back into space.  Hushed whispers of truth pulse like ocean tides  And the universe listens, not missing … Read more

yoga, whew!

yoga, whew!

a poem for you Yoga girl, Whew! I just let go of a lifetime in my thighs, hiding dogs in my legs, cats and cows, frogs and moons and suns and bows and bows and whoa! Now, I’m a warrior twisted into a crescent moon, inside a cobra, OH! the views from a bridge and … Read more

Day and Night in 3 days

three days Day brought freedom the tango of dreams and light   Night was seduction lying beneath her watching every move   Day returned memory bird to branch desire in its claws   Night was rapture kneeling on shore the moon past reason   Day left itself on the landscape weeping until dusk   Night approaches turning … Read more