water magic: air quality control bath

water magic: air quality control bath

Water Magic: Air Quality Control Bath Is beauty a quality of the face and body, or perhaps of the spirit? If all three play a part, what better place of enhancement could you find than the bathtub? Cleopatra bathed in rose petals before seducing Mark Anthony. The Sultan of Baghdad’s favorite wife, Kadin, attributed her … Read more

zafu meditation cushion – choosing the right one

zafu meditation cushion buy what are

Are you considering buying your first zafu meditation cushion but need some more information before making your decision? Then this article is for you! Keep reading to discover all you need to know about the zafu meditation cushion! Some Zafu Cushions to consider below Product Description $ Image Yoga Cushion Blue Ocean 35x18x13 cm, Kapok … Read more

blue canoe clothing labeled organic & designed by laurie dunlap

blue canoe clothing organic cotton bras yoga pants laurie dunlap

Blue Canoe Clothing | It is probably safe to say that talking about the pros and cons of organic cotton is not a subject which comes up every day at the office water cooler congregation. Though debate and dialogue have surely arisen about low-fat versus low-carb, decaf versus caffeinated, or bottled water versus tap water … Read more

gongs – instruments, guides, and healing aids

gong-gongs-gong instrument-gong sound

What is a gong? A Gong a percussion instrument, made of a round metal disc or bowl, struck to produce or contribute to percussion in music and other sound practices. Gongs are traditionally used for musical purposes, especially in countries like China, Indonesia, and Burma. However, gong sounds are so powerful that the instrument is … Read more

kangen water: alkaline water to feel brighter and live better

kangen water machine benefits alkaline good for you

What is Kangen water? Kangen water is the water produced by top-quality alkaline water machines made by Enagic International. Kangen water machines take regular water from your tap and give you safe, healthy, hydrogen-rich water. And the benefits of alkaline water don’t stop there. There are endless perks that make a Kangen water machine the … Read more

pollution ? what is the carbon footprint of your yoga pants

carbon footprint yoga pants materials eco friendly emissions sustainable

More frequently, Yogis are green advocates and passionate preachers of Yin & Yang and the harmony between humans and nature. Many Yogis also take up the more green dietary lifestyle; vegetarian or vegan. And we accentuate being awake and being conscious. But are we yogis the more conscious consumers? Are we more sustainable in our … Read more

the best yoga pants – our top 11 yogi outfit clothing selection 2022.

group of people fashion photoshoot best yoga pants leggings yogi outfit best girls in yoga pants clothing girls in yoga pants website fashion trends three girls try on yoga pants one piece yoga outfit one piece yoga outfit best cotton yoga pants traditional yoga clothes traditional coolest

Thinking about getting a new yogi outfit for your yoga routine? With so many options available today, it can be tricky to choose the best pants for your yoga practice. The good thing is, there are yoga pants for everyone. A brand that takes care of the environment with organic fabrics? Want to promote social … Read more