My Husband Yells at Me: What to do?

my husband yells at me shouts

  My husband yells at me – how to handle the situation constructively and tips to understand the underlying causes. It can be challenging and upsetting when you find yourself frequently thinking, “my husband yells at me!” You may be upset and unsure of how to handle this situation, which is understandable. Remember that being … Read more

My wife yells at me! What should I do?

my wife yells at me yells hits shouts yelled is yelling is angry hit me why is so mean hitting screaming it ok for to hit normal for what to do when won't put out why is always mad and negative how to stop in a relationship at husband

My wife yells at me – tips to understand the underlying causes and how to handle the situation constructively. It can be difficult and distressing when you frequently think, “my wife yells at me!” Understandably, you might feel upset and unsure of what to do in this situation. Just know that it’s never okay for … Read more

Marshall Rosenberg’s Guide to Nonviolent Communication for Couples: NVC

nonviolent communication for couples marshall rosenberg's non violent communication NVC

Do you have Emotional Safety and Expression in your relationship? Imagine greater intimacy with your partner and ask them this question: “Tell me what you are most afraid to say?” Check-in for a second: how do you feel? Could you feel scared, terrified or sad, lonely, disheartened, or maybe another emotion by asking this question? … Read more

complicated relationship! a navigating through guide

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Strategies for coping and healing in a complicated relationship with a parent The bond we share with our parents may be one of the most complex and convoluted we’ll ever experience regarding relationship dynamics. Our relationship with our parents has strong ties to our emotional and psychological growth and can potentially have a significant bearing … Read more

communication therapy

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What is therapy for communication issues? Every relationship’s problems are typically based on poor communication. However, very few people are aware of or recognize that they need to improve their communication skills. Each person has a unique communication style. It may depend on how and with whom they grow up, their personalities, and the people they … Read more

negative parenting test

negative parenting test

Over the years as a Life Coach and Relationship and Communication Counselor, I have seen many adults who reported having a difficult childhood and still feel affected by how their parents treated them. Our views, actions, and strategies for coping with stress and difficult situations in adulthood are often rooted in our early experiences and … Read more

10 tips on getting out of conflictual relationships

10 tips on getting out of conflictual relationships

Conflictual relationships can be exhausting and daunting. They can put you in paralysis.  Conflictual relationships take out the fun from the most enjoyable situations you could otherwise experience. But why do you choose to suffer? When, in fact, you could be having more of an extraordinary opportunity to create the relationship of your dream? A … Read more

how to manage conflict in relationships: non-violent communication

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) creates an opportunity to build a deeper connection in your relationships Main takeaways NVC is a proven strategy to strengthen our relationships and diffuse unhealthy conflict We are predisposed to non-violent or benevolent communication and can re-learn it if we follow the appropriate steps. When unhealthy conflict arises, it is crucial to … Read more

everything you need to know about online marriage counseling

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Transforming your relationship positively through online couples therapy By saying ‘I do,’ you have committed to experiencing ups and downs with your partner, as it is only natural when sharing your life to experience fluctuations in the relationship. The good news is that both you and your partner can access teachings that help you cope … Read more