yoga industry statistics, facts, demographics & infographic

yoga industry statistics

Facts about yoga You might have noticed that more and more yoga selfies & photos of yoga products are being shared online. There are many various models and entertainment personalities who actively practice Yoga as a lifestyle, which pushes the yoga craze to greater heights worldwide. The accessibility of this wellness practice is a contributing … Read more

here is how to price your yoga classes

here is how to price your yoga classes

boost your business model with these tips With yoga becoming more and more popular, finding the best business model as a yoga teacher or studio owner becomes crucially important. How do you price your classes and services? This is a really good question, and the answer is sometimes challenging to come up with. There are … Read more

My Husband Yells at Me: What to do?

my husband yells at me shouts

  My husband yells at me – how to handle the situation constructively and tips to understand the underlying causes. It can be challenging and upsetting when you find yourself frequently thinking, “my husband yells at me!” You may be upset and unsure of how to handle this situation, which is understandable. Remember that being … Read more

feminine archetypes: the 12 aspects of the divine feminine

feminine archetypes female women quiz examples

Feminine Archetypes | You are not a single female archetype. When you call on all twelve aspects of the Divine Feminine in your daily life, you unlock your inherent feminine magic to achieve effortless balance, flow, ease and joy! After reading the book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, I … Read more

My wife yells at me! What should I do?

my wife yells at me yells hits shouts yelled is yelling is angry hit me why is so mean hitting screaming it ok for to hit normal for what to do when won't put out why is always mad and negative how to stop in a relationship at husband

My wife yells at me – tips to understand the underlying causes and how to handle the situation constructively. It can be difficult and distressing when you frequently think, “my wife yells at me!” Understandably, you might feel upset and unsure of what to do in this situation. Just know that it’s never okay for … Read more

schizophrenia: mental illness or spiritual gift?

schizophrenia mental illness spiritual gift

Is schizophrenia a gift? I can only write from the perspective of a sister to someone suffering from what we call paranoid schizophrenia, as a daughter of two doctors of neurology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy, as a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and seeker for spiritual wisdom. This is why I understand both sides, the western medical approach … Read more

making fear your friend

making fear your friend

5 ways to use fear in the creation of your dreams Redefining your relationship with fear can be a powerful and impactful shift in your life. Fear, for many, can be debilitating. It can trigger a sense of danger. Through our sympathetic nervous system we feel fear to keep us physically safe from external threats … Read more

yoga studio owners share secrets of business success

yoga studio owner share secrets of business success Yoga studios business & revenue model yoga studio business model

Yoga studios business & revenue model In yoga sessions, the refrain “Yoga is not about competition” has become ubiquitous. But how do those who operate yoga studios reconcile this ethos with the realities of business? How can yoga studio owners successfully corner the market and develop a sustainable business plan in the increasingly crowded yoga … Read more

Bryan Kest Yoga: Poweryoga online

Chris and power yoga online with Bryan Kest

“What is your company’s name?” seems the most straightforward question to start my interview with Bryan Kest, pioneer of Power Yoga Santa Monica and co-founder of Yoga Alliance. In 1964, Kest was born. He lived in Detroit, Michigan. His father, a doctor, persuaded him to take up yoga in 1979. At 16, David Williams, the … Read more