kynd community bali, seminyak & canggu

kynd community restaurant seminyak canggu bali indonesia

Kynd Community represents exactly what is in their name. Kynd. This plant-based heaven has everything grown under the sweet sun: raw desserts, breakfast toasts named after Kynd people, creative salads, and sandwiches that fool even meat eaters. The hard-working gals, Corryn and Lauren started Kynd Community only in September 2017, and they have packed quite … Read more

Waxing Bali: Best at-home cold sugar hair removal service

3 women sitting best waxing bali ubud male seminyak waxing hair removal servicemobile brazilian canggu

SUGAR WAX in Bali is an outstanding home service offering a cold organic sugar waxing hair removal service. Their mobile waxing Bali services (which include Brazilian waxing, full leg, bikini line…) are based in Ubud, Canggu, Seminyak, Sanur, and Nusa Dua. What is sugar waxing? Sugar waxing, also known as sugaring, is a technique that has been around for … Read more

villa gaia retreat center

villa gaia retreat center

Villa Gaia has become the one of Bali’s most highly-regarded and long-standing retreat villas. On an Island full of transience, Villa Gaia in all its purity has stood the test of time. There is something about this place that is very homey yet extremely expansive. The combination of Balinese hospitality and the rawness of the surrounding … Read more

exclusive interview with Cat Kabira

exclusive interview with cat kabira

the world of subtle energies in ubud “Yoga for me isn’t anything that’s compartmentalized for 2 hours a day, it’s everything. It’s an expression of what we are and where we are in life right now and how we meet it. The practice keeps changing because we change and life happens.” Cat Kabira is a … Read more

Solace – Self Deprivation Isolation Tanks / Pods in Bali

White building in canggu bali self deprivation , floating in water, weightless float center , sleep tank isolation pod, dark tank, meditation

We love our spa time as a primary way to rejuvenate and renew ourselves, especially in Bali. Since sensory deprivation tanks have become a more mainstream way to unwind in the last few years, we decided to give it a try! Floating tank fans rave about their benefits (deep relaxation, immune system boost, enhanced creativity, … Read more

core energetics workshops in bali

core energetics workshops in bali

bio energetics in bali – the science of living with ease Do you ask yourself: “In my life, what am I not happy or fulfilled with? What limiting patterns have kept me stuck? What is my emotional and spiritual experience of the world?” Are you repetitively attracting the same limiting situations into your life? Do you wish … Read more

communication workshops with ranil sharma

communication workshops with ranil sharma

YOGI TIMES:  Hi Ranil! Good to see you again! Ranil Sharma : Hi Guys. Thank you and good to be back. YT:  The last time you were in Bali you did a new workshop about Communications? Tell us a bit more about that? Ranil Sharma : Yes I did. We called it Relationship Dynamics/Communication. I have had … Read more