the practice of yoga for connection & self-actualization

hand My Yoga Connection

Hatha Yoga connection self personal growth community It’s in the act of breathing through poses both on and off the mat that you don’t want to breathe through that you learn something about moving past yourself. Past your ego. A practitioner for over thirteen years and an instructor for roughly five years, I have realized … Read more

The Best Online Yoga Classes & Virtual Streaming Platforms

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Do you enjoy practicing yoga but find that today’s circumstances prohibit you from your favorite studio or yoga classes? Looking for the best online yoga classes to have a daily yoga practice from the comfort of your home but unsure how? Or you’ve never contemplated yoga before but are now looking for streaming Yoga programs … Read more

Bryan Kest Yoga: Poweryoga online

Chris and power yoga online with Bryan Kest

“What is your company’s name?” seems the most straightforward question to start my interview with Bryan Kest, pioneer of Power Yoga Santa Monica and co-founder of Yoga Alliance. In 1964, Kest was born. He lived in Detroit, Michigan. His father, a doctor, persuaded him to take up yoga in 1979. At 16, David Williams, the … Read more

keep your yoga practice alive during the holidays

keep your yoga practice alive during the holidays

Tips Keep Yoga Practicing during Holidays The holiday season is here! Time spent with loved ones, delicious home cooked meals, and invites to parties and events that populate our schedules. As fun as it all may be, the holiday season also means that fewer hours are being devoted to our yoga practice.  So, here are some … Read more

how to use yoga props – blocks, straps, bolsters, wheels

Yoga Props

Yoga prop exercises & stretches When you’re new to yoga, everyone else appears to be so flexible and glides into the poses like silk it’s easy to feel discouraged. Don’t give up just yet, though. There are multiple tools that can aid you in advancing and growing, and actually, there are numerous benefits of using … Read more

YOGALINE Alignment Yoga Mat

YOGALINE Alignment Yoga Mat blonde woman practicing yoga outdoor on pink eco friendly rubber natural mat

Confidence with the Yogaline Personalized Alignment Yoga Mat. YOGALINE | Practicing yoga with confidence is easy when you can find ideal postures for your body. Yogaline Mats make things easier with lines engraved on their mats to help you find alignment in different yoga postures. These alignment guides show you exactly where to place your … Read more

our 30 minute yoga routine mornings!

our 30-minute daily morning  routine!

Committing to a 1 or 2 hour-long self-care daily morning routine can be challenging. Dedicating just 30 minutes of your day is doable and will create a significant impact on the way you feel! 30 minute yoga routine mornings | My husband and I have created a simple yet super-efficient routine on how we start … Read more

how to start yoga at home practice

how to start yoga at home

How to start yoga at home | I’m a firm believer in having an at-home yoga routine and have aligned my entire professional career to helping others do the same. The possibility of unlimited online yoga classes for one studio class’s price is enticing, but this is not the only benefit of a home practice. … Read more

practice yoga at home

practice yoga at home

how to create a home yoga practice Yoga is an incredibly powerful practice that anyone can pick up in their home and experience the benefits. With practice you really learn to move at your own pace, listen to your body, and develop a stronger mind/body connection. Start establishing a regular personal practice, and yoga’s benefits—including … Read more

your vinyasa yoga practice

your vinyasa yoga practice

yoga’s harmonious flow Vinyasa yoga practice is an orchestration of actions done in a harmonious flow. Vinyasa yoga has three inherent parts: When the breath is at the center, we are engaging in a Vinyasa yoga practice.   Vinyasa can be interpreted as “that which is without obstruction.” When we calm the mind’s fluctuations and dissolve … Read more